A Cool Stud

On a winter day two ministers were driving down a road when they slid on a patch of ice, hit a telephone pole and died.

They went to heaven but when they got to the pearly gates St. Peter told them their heavenly condos were not ready yet. The two would have to spend a little more time on earth. To make up for the Inconvenience, they would be able to choose what they wanted to go back as.

The first declared that he wanted to go back as an eagle flying over the grand canyon. The second declared that he wanted to be a "cool stud".

A few months later, the heavenly condos were ready. St. Peter asked an assistant to go retrieve the two.

The servant protested "But how will I find them?"

"That's easy." said St. Peter, "One of them is an eagle, and you will find him flying over the Grand Canyon. The other is a snow tire in Detroit."