A "Biblical" Answer

When the preacher's car broke down on a country road, he walked to a nearby roadhouse to use the phone. After calling for a tow truck, he spotted his old friend, Harry, drunk and shabbily dressed at the bar. "What happened to you, Harry?" asked the good reverend. "You used to be rich."

Harry told a sad tale of bad investments that had led to his downfall.

"Go home," the preacher said. "Open your Bible at random, stick your finger on the page, and there will be God's answer."

Some time later, the preacher bumped into Harry, who was wearing a Gucci suit, sporting a Rolex watch, and had just stepped out of a Mercedes. "Harry," said the preacher, "I am glad to see things have really turned around for you."

"Yes, preacher, and I owe it all to you," said Harry. "I opened my Bible, put my finger down on the page and there was the answer. Chapter 11."